About Jimbo & James

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About the cousins, Jimbo & James

We are first cousins, Jimbo’s mother is older sister to James’ father. Our grandparents, Nancy and Jim made us to who we are today, they are alive, retired, and loving every second of having a big family! So we’re dedicating this project to them, as the show literally couldn’t have happend without them.


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Jimbo, from Chicagoland, is one of the founding members of the ShootYourShotSports team. He is a Low Voltage Cabling & Computer Consulting Specialist, Nerd, Sports, Car Guy.

 Twitch | Twitter | Facebook | TikTok | YouTube | Discord | Email | 833-666-7977


James, from Texas, is a hustler by day and a twitch streamer by night. James enjoys long walks on the beach in central Texas and is a 49ers fan for life!

 Twitch | Twitter | Instagram | TikTok | Discord | Email | 833-666-797