• Cults Exposed – Corrupt Pastors, Cults, and Mega-Churches

    In this previously recorded livestream.. The gang reacts to web videos and discuss issues on corrupt pastors and modern Mega Churches. Troy & Scoober continue explaining their past experiences growing up in a Texas cult and compare similarities to corrupt Mega Church leaders.

  • Waco: American Apocalypse review and cult discussion

    In this video.. Scoober and @JamesHollenbeck talk about the recently released Netflix documentary, Waco: American Apacolypse. The duo also talk about other Texas cults, Ruby Ridge, and The Oklahoma City bombing.

  • The Jimbo & James Show! – Episode 9

    Mar10 Day!! In this episode we talk with two guests, @Ghos7Soldier, and @scoobermcgruber. We talk about the new Mario movie coming out, and Mario deals of the day. We also talk about tiger king, Joe Exotic, Mexico Travel Bans, The middle finger is now a god given right in Canada, and much more!

  • Pop-culture, The Occult, and a Cult Upbringing

    @Scoobermcgruber and his Twitch livestream guests, @StudiousFool and @JimboSliceChicago discuss a wide variety of cult like ideology and symbolism in the media, pop-culture,and history. Scoober is also joined by a childhood friend from TheCenter, @elicantu22. Both go in depth recollecting and explaining their strange encounters growing up in a cult. We Check out their Twitch channels for more original content, gameplay , and live discussions.