Ways to watch us

We broadcast LIVE on Friday night at 9pm/cst. There are three ways to watch us live… Rumble, Jimbo’s Twitch & James’ Twitch accounts.

We also have replays on YouTube, Rumble, Anchor.fm, and Spotify. Our Phone number is open 24/7 to leave a voice-mail! 833-666-7977

To comment, you have to click a live stream link below and log into the platform. (All have free tiers)


Rumble is free to watch and sign up to chat! Rumble is the next up and coming video platform!

we get credit if you use this link to sign up FREE – https://rumble.com/register/jimboandjamesshow/

Rumble Page Link


Twitch is highly integrated with custom commands and channel points (like fortune cookie Fridays). It is free to sign up, all you need is an email address. Don’t forget to follow both pages!

Jimbo is a mastermind behind all the Twitch API’s and call-in numbers & James is the gamer who all the ladies are attracted to, somehow.

Jimbo’s Twitch Link & James’ Twitch Link


Our previous shows and clips are stored on YouTube. Free to sign up and Subscribe.

YouTube Link


Spotify and Anchor.fm are free with commercials, or paid for a commercial-free experience.

A great way to catch up on our shows while you workout!

Spotify Podcast